Whoooa!!! Stop!!! Nellie!!!

Rover brakes are notoriously hard to bleed.  I only have 2 tricks for you. 

First put the rover on ramps or jack up the front end as high as possible, this can help you bleed air out of the master cylinder.  Sure bench bleeding the master cylinder is best, but this works too.

The next trick is done when you are re-furbishing your brakes as some dis-assembly is required.  Now get you trusty dog (preferably an Aussie) and 6 “C” clamps for a 109″, 4 “C” clamps for a 88″.  109 brakes are hard to bleed because the brake cylinder bled screw is at the bottom of the brake circuit and air gets trapped in the top cylinder without the clamp.  Remove the drums, shoes and springs then place the “C” clamps on each and every brake cylinder; tightening each gently until the cylinder is fully compressed.  Now bleed the brakes as you would normally do, furthest first.  After you are finished bleeding the air out of the brakes release the “C” clamps and reassemble one brake at a time in the same order you bled, pump the brakes and re-fill the reservoir each time (as each cylinder will drop the level of the reservoir when the cylinder sets onto the shoe and we don’t want air in the system again)!  And you are done and have rock solid brakes.

img_0054-small.JPG  img_0055-small.JPG


One Response to “Whoooa!!! Stop!!! Nellie!!!”

  1. brucejohn Says:

    Thanks for posting these tips. I will be trying them out in the coming weeks.

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