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Salisbury Axle: Detroit Locker Install

March 4, 2010

If you have bought a Detroit Locker to put in you Salisbury axle this post will have some tips for you.  Here is where I gained this knowledge:

A Detroit Lock can be dropped in to the Sals diff at home with no gear resetting and common home tools.  The most important tools for this job beside basic hand tools are a grinder and rags.

You can probably get through most of the maintenance alone if you have any Series Rover skills.  Pulling the stock diff is pretty standard: pull the driveshaft, pull the axles, draining the gear oil, pull the rear cover, remove bearing caps and bearings ( labeling is vital), now the tips….

The diff will be fitted extremely tight in the housing.  Now you can build yourself a case spreader with some steel and threaded rod, but I am too lazy.  So I grab some shop towels and thread them in between ring gear and pinion gear, turn the diff’s nose to feed the rag in between gears, as the rags feeds in between the gears is pushes the diff out.

Now the Detroit Locker is a drop into the Sals split case, almost.  The DT does not have machined ends like the stock diff cross, so it will not drop in without some grinding.  Don’t fear you won’t be grinding where the DT sits, just the ends of the split case.  See the pics below.